Sunday, June 19, 2011


On Friday, Amor de Dias played at the Scandinavian Seaman's Church in Liverpool. It was magical. We played in the church itself, a whitewashed room with lovely natural reverb. If you got bored you could go downstairs to the lounge where the church staff served soup and home-made bread, and the walls were covered with nautical engravings. There was no bar, so everybody brought their own alcohol. We ended up sleeping on bunk beds in the basement.

Harvest Sun, the promoters of the show, seem to specialise in finding unusual and fascinating places to play around the city. A year ago, they put The Clientele on in the Williamson Tunnels, a warren of unearthed Victorian tunnels which were commissioned and dug by the tobacco merchant Joseph Williamson for no apparent reason. Our backstage space was the tunnel museum! The Williamson Tunnels show also ranked as one of the Clientele's favourite outings.

Above is a video of Amor de Dias playing Harvest Time at the Scandinavian Church. The wonderful Seek Magic blog has footage of a lot of the other songs we played. Thank you to Wally for filming it, and Harvest Sun for putting us on. It was one of my favourite nights of music ever.


Anonymous said...

glad you enjoyed it so much,as did we........come back soon..

Wally said...

Marvellous night! Thanks again Al for letting me film it!. Wally

MarkMK said...

Glad to hear that Liverpool still has it's character intact - I was at Uni there in the mid-90's and my heart sank when I heard that it had that 'city of culture' stamp foisted on it, it's always had quite enough culture of its own and there is a natural audience there for Amor De Dias. I really wish I'd have seen it and The Clientele's Williamson Tunnel show. Very happy to hear you like playing there - I really must visit the place again one of these days.

Anonymous said...

Really would love to see you preform in Norway. I first heard of your music through "God Save The Clientele" which is my alltime favorite album alongside Prefab Sprouts Steve McQueen

Ragnar from Trondheim