Tuesday, May 10, 2011

O you brittle concrete swans

I tried to put my heart and soul into every Clientele record (succeeded with some more than others I expect). Maybe one day we'll make another record. I hope so. But for now we are resting, an ageing actor, a monstre sacré killing time at the Cadogan Hotel, ignoring the cards left by the young acolytes in the Beatles wigs.

I like the idea that any group of people in suburbia, who had encountered the same books and records we did at the same times we did, could have formed The Clientele themselves.

Meanwhile, if you're interested, I am working on a few new things. The main one at the moment is Amor de Dias. You can read about that on the Merge website, but it's a slightly different kind of band, more acoustic and formed around different kinds of rhythm (literally and metaphorically). I write half the songs and Lupe Núñez Fernández of Pipas writes the other half. Our first record is out on May 17th and we're touring the US with Damon and Naomi around that time.

I've been playing guitar with a few people - I did a bit here and there on the new Comet Gain record, which is called 'The Howl of the Lonely Crowd' and comes out soon. I'm also playing in uncle Louis Philippe's live line up at the moment, with gigs coming up in London and Madrid. It's a lot of fun.

Also, I'm trying to write something. A truthful account of what it was like to be young and directionless in the mid 1990s in England. Maybe I'll have some progress reports here before long. It's humbling how hard it is to write interesting prose at any length. So on that note... see you soon.


dennis said...

why, you honest rascal!
hope to catch your music reincarnate..

parting request re Clientele.. could you re-release the "Its Art, Dad" songs? Many fans never had a chance to hear those early gems, me thinks.

mtarallo said...

Beautiful set last night at Red Palace here in DC.
'Streets of Days' and the Emilylou encore were stunning.
Damon and Naomi were also terrific -
quite the double bill for only ten clams!
Hope y'all play here again soon.

Best, Mark in DC

PS -- Pitchfork sucks ass :)

Anonymous said...

i seldom (actually, never) write to my favorite musicians, but i wanted to express my sincerest gratitude for making such magical music. sad to hear the clientele are turning the page, but i will definitely be checking out amor de dias.

thanks again,

nick in brooklyn.

Matt said...

Hey I just wanted to say that your music has set the mood for many wonderful evenings cooking with friends and making out with beautiful women. You will always be a much appreciated part of my music collection.