Saturday, May 02, 2009

Psychedelic Werther

Poor Werther, on top of all his other problems, in this 1960s paperback edition of his tragic story, he don't know whether he's in Picasso's blue period or his pink! What's a boy to do? Actually, don't answer that one.

I got this from the Oxfam book shop in Strutton Ground, Victoria, which is one of London's best-kept secrets. The key to its magnificence is the type of people who live nearby and donate their libraries to the shop when they move on or die. So close to Whitehall, they're all ex-civil service, ex-MI5, Chelsea aristocrats or Communists (generally donating militant pamphlets from 1920-1950), or all four put together, and the books they leave behind are fascinating.

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Allison said...

Living the proverbial life of quiet desperation, clothing must have been his only outlet. In fact, he looks like he was taking some style tips from Jimmy Page.

Seriously, if I had that book it might have cheered me up in undergrad. German lit is a major buzzkill.