Tuesday, March 24, 2009

DJ set at the Hangover Lounge this Sunday

Hello campers, Lupe from Pipas and I will be spinning some tunes at a club called the Hangover Lounge on Sunday (29th March) from around 1pm. It takes place at the Salmon and Compasses, 58 Penton Street, London N1 9PZ (Corner of Chapel Market) and it's free. I'm not sure what we'll play, but apparently all jazz is banned there, so in revenge I'm thinking maybe some Flamenco and Argentinian Folkloric music, as well as the usual Psychedelic, Soul, Flying Nun etc. etc.

ps the Smiths count as Jazz, sorry


Anonymous said...

I'm thinking a playlist from the DJ set might be in order sometime (if you were keeping notes that is...)

Co-existence said...

So you like jazz... so do I - and I'm a Clientele fan. I was wondering what jazz you like? I know you like Jackie McLean's "New and Old Gospel", since it was posted on the Clientele site a time back. I like McLean too but I think that my fave probably is "A Fickle Sonance". I really love Andrew Hill and Eric Dolphy, as well as Mingus and Monk and a bunch of other 40's, 50's and 60's composers and performers. I'd love to land a gig as a jazz dj and I even made some mixes that I put up on this blog - http://acidattheloungelab.blogspot.com/

I don't think The Smiths counts as jazz though..


Alasdair said...

It was fun! I played:

The Saturday People – California Girls
Rik Starrr - A Kind of Holiday
Montage – I Shall Call Her Mary
The Factory – Path Through the Forest
The Autumn Defence – Bluebirds Fall
The Everly Brothers - Kentucky
Mickey Newbury – Frisco Depot
The Drifters – (I Don’t Want To) Go on Without You
The Strands – Someone Like You
Love Song – Vashti Bunyan
Another Sunny Day – The Happy Couple
La Nina De Los Peines - De Mi Moreno, Bulerias De La Alemada
Nino Ricardo – Serrana Juncal

I can't remember exactly what Lupe played but there was some Mamas and Papas, an incredible track by Bertrand Burgalat, and a lot of Brazilian music. I wanted to play some Atahualpa Yupanqui which was the (incredibly beautiful) Argentinian Folkloric stuff I was talking about, but no time.

And yes, I do like Jazz, particularly the period when hard bop started changing into free jazz, albums like 'Bout Soul by Jackie McLean; some Grachan Moncurr III ("New Africa"), Eric Dolphy etc. I also really love Miles late 60s and 70s albums. I'll check out your mixes.