Tuesday, April 18, 2006


Tucson is nicer in November than August; having visited with Spoon in the height of sunmmer, I can testify to that. At our Hotel, the Inn Suites, there is a beagle convention and I am stuck behind several enormously fat guests who are checking out internet beagle sites. No visible roaches here this time (unlike our August stay) perhaps the beagles have eaten them all up. It's Andy's first show with Annie Hayden, he is great and has a lovely Rickenbacker bass. As we leave the hotel a little beagle-jump is being set up and we are rather glad to be gone.

There is a traintrack immediately behind the venue, and as the trains pass they let off their long, lonely siren, the building shakes to its foundations and the musicians either stop or incorporate this 1000 ton piece of cliched americana into their set. These trains are enormous, it's hard not to think of them as strange, long suffering beasts haunting silent stretches of desert, the uninhabited zones of a throwaway society.

Back into the desert, fascinated with this stretch of wilderness and what someone, somewhere called its 'limitless secrets', the most alien landscape I have ever seen, even just from the freeway. Standing among the cactii, feeling the dry heat beating around you, it's easy to see things differently, the world is different here and you have to make adjustments.

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Adrian (mozmarrprophecy@sbcglobal.net) said...

yea, i saw that rick bass.. it was sweet! I revere rickenbackers and own a 330 6 string model. my friend owns a rick bass (i think the same model as andy's).
Every new piece of information i receive about the history of rickenbackers has made me admire the brand even more. Also, having discovered that many of my favorite artists are Rick players, I have much respect for Rickenbacker. Now my logic has switched: knowing that a rick is being played by someone, makes me have high respect for the artist.
Artists like:
The Smiths(johnny marr inspired my 330 purchase)
The Byrds
Creedence Clearwater Revival
The Beatles
The Jam
Pink Floyd

anyway, The Clientele are amazing still in 2006 as in 1997 (even as in 1991).. ..it would be awesome to hear the Rickenbacker jangle on one of your lo-fi recordings in the near future

big salutations and cheers from East Los Angeles, California. home of the cockroach.

P.S. Who writes these blogs??
P.P.S. When will the Creature be able to open up for you guys??