Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Never anyone but you despite stars and loneliness
Despite the trees mutilated at nightfall
Never anyone but you will follow her path which is mine
The further you go the bigger your shadow gets
Never anyone but you will greet the ocean at dawn when I, worn out with wandering, 
coming through dark forests and nettle bushes, walk towards the foam
Never anyone but you will put her hand on my forehead over my eyes
Never anyone but you, and I renounce lying and unfaithfulness
You may cut the rope of this anchored ship
Never anyone but you
The eagle imprisioned in a cage slowly gnaws on the patina of the copper bars
What a deception
It's the Sunday marked by nightingales singing in the tender green woods the boredom
of little girls staring at a cage a canary flutters around in while in the empty street 
the sun slowly moves its thin line along the hot sidewalk
We'll cross other lines
Never never anyone but you
And I alone alone alone like withered ivy in suburban gardens
alone like glass
And you never anyone but you.

Never anyone but you - Robert Desnos, 

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