Monday, April 26, 2010

duh duh duh duh duh duh duh

I finished a song earlier, my first in about 18 months. I'd been feeling really inspired to pick up a guitar by the Clientele's very pleasant trip to Liverpool at the weekend, listening to lots of Shack and the La's. Anyway, as I was walking down Lower Clapton Road I had it playing in my head, no words yet, just a tune that went duh-duh-duh-duh-duh-duh-duh.

To my complete astonishment, a pub on my left was playing my tune through their loudspeakers, I could hear it from the pavement. It sounded fantastic. I was puzzled and alarmed. Then I had one of those melancholy moments of realisation. I had written "I Feel Fine" by The Beatles.


disq said...

duh-duhduh-duhduh-duhduh also fits the chorus of "i wonder who we are" :) cheers.

Alix said...

Was it the Windsor Castle? I vaguely miss the Lower Clapton Road (though I do not miss aforementioned pub).

Mark said...

How strange. I have been listening to the Clientele and The La's nonstop lately. What's your favorite La's song Alasdair?

Alasdair said...

It was the Windsor Castle. I must admit I've never dared to go in. My favourite La's songs are Way Out and Timeless Melody.

teaisfortanner said...

Alasdair, I can't stress to you enough how much your music fits my mood at all times. Growing up in suburban Portland, Oregon seems to have made your music connect with me on a level that no other music ever has. Thank you thank you thank you. I eagerly await everything you put out.

Anonymous said...

Hi Alasdair,

Downloaded "Jerry" from Pitchfork the other day. It's a great track!

I'm really looking forward to the new mini-album, and hopefully seeing you again in Sept. here in Portland! So happy you're doing a West Coast tour. We really do appreciate you here in the San Diego-Seattle stretch. Take it easy!

Joe C.

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midwestfan said...

New fan here after catching your AV Undercover take on Paper planes. I'm head over heels for that cover. I didn't see a comment anywhere else and wanted to let you know that those little projects are marketing genius as well as (hopefully)fun. Hope the muse returns with something a little more original for you!