Tuesday, November 13, 2007

I'm for sale.

If anyone wants a producer or a session guitarist, get in touch.. theclientele@yahoo.com

I also have some pastels for sale, £50 / $100 each. Same address, folks.
210 x 297mm. Email me for a list of drawings for sale too.

1. flowers (SOLD), 2. woods in hampshire (SOLD), 3. face at window (after Redon) (SOLD) 4. Boats of the Glen Carrig (SOLD)


gail said...

1. I wish I had some money for you or a reason to hire a session man.

2. Are these pastels done by you, the artist?

3. How dare you play two, count em two, London shows with big superstars when I'm not even in town!? Can you please play again this weekend? Thanks.

Alasdair said...

hey gail
sounds like you're even more broke than me from what i hear!
1. don't worry
2. yeah the pastels are by me
3. who was the big superstar in cardiff? edwyn collins?

Anonymous said...

Lovely pastels, Alasdair, but do you have any in the style of "Sittin' Pretty"?

Alasdair said...

i would hesitate to depict the greek god that is stephen pastel

Steve said...

I can really groove with the Woods In Hampshire and Boats of the Glen Carrig. Especially that weird shit behind the trees... not to mention the dabby little marks skittering all over the place........

Karlyn said...

I'd be happy to barter a massage for one of the paintings next time you're in Chapel Hill. I'm the massage therapist who drove down to Charleston because I missed the Chapel Hill show. I gave your manager my card. I've moved offices but my phone number is the same.