Friday, September 21, 2007

Bed Bugs

I woke up this morning covered in bites. Not inflicted by an enraged Peter Bjorn and John fan. I think the hotel bed had bugs in it. Now I wonder if I should burn my clothes. Maybe I will anyway. Tour madness has set in I think. Thanks to all who have come out and cheered us on though, it's been great fun.

We are in Seattle waiting to soundcheck. This venue always gives me the heebie jeebies for some reason, a strange melancolia falls on my shoulders the minute I walk through the door.

Today I read that the Neolithic peoples of Scotland fled from the invading Celts by pushing deep into the forests and sheltering in their ancient and remote burial cairns. Apparently the Celts' sightings of this mysterious and almost historically undocumented people gave birth to the legend of the "little people", a magical race which were called fairies in a more innocent age.

I also read that the Celts believed that if you dreamed of a grey horse, it symbolised the sea, it was the spirits of the sea attempting to invade your mind. And that the German poet Holderin believed that the banks of the Danube were haunted by all the old Greek river Gods, long missing from Greece. How all this connects is currently beyond me but I'll get it into a song somehow when I get home.


Ngoc-Huong said...

That really sucks man. :( I say your set at the Showbox, and you might remember an asian guy who bought all three of your records. I was just going to say again, you guys rock, but I was a little disappointed to find out you guy had another record, God Save the Clientel that you didn't have for sale!!! Fortunately Emusic has is, so I can grab it there. Keep making the great music guys and maybe I'll be able to see you again.

Janna said...

I, too, was at the Showbox and saw your charming performance. I was pleasantly surprised by your skills on the guitar (even with a broken string) and the clarity of your voice (even with mic issues). I hadn't listened to much of your music before that evening, although I had heard it on The Lakehouse soundtrack, but I am happy to tell you that after purchasing your album on iTunes after the show, your sound is rapidly becoming a favourite. Thanks for the great night!

Anonymous said...

Brilliant show in Los Angeles Monday. I had been trying to see you the last two times you stopped through but to no avail. Bed bugs... ugh... I had lice a few years back and my then wife had to wash my hair with an ointment that smelled like an odd combination of eucalyptus and petrol. I say burn the clothes. At any rate, be well. Thanks for giving me something to listen to.


mel - long time fan and ex-pat

Reine Fiske said...

Well, Alasdair, I´ve been through Seattle before. My Aunt lived there for 12 years. I even celebrated my 32th years birthday on stage. What a shame. I always seemed to miss you guys out, though. I was the one writing the "drunken" letter for you in Minneapolis two (?) years ago or something, as we were sort of followed you through
yet another tour, but as usuall being "ahead" of you, I MISSED YOUR GIG... Anyway, you guys are my biggest love musically and if you ever pass through SWEDEN again be sure to call me at: 07604616043
All the best, Reine in DUNGEN

Karlyn said...

Carry essential oil of lavender or lavender water and spray your bed liberally at each new place. This will prevent future bed bug issues. Bed bugs are repelled by lavender. I have traveled extensively, stayed in hostels and dives, and never had a problem with bed bugs. You should have all your luggage, clothes, etc de-bugged by a professional because othrwise those suckers will go home with you and infest every place you stay along the way as well as your home.

Girls Together Outrageously said...

Now if I were a bedbug, I'd bite James. He looks VERY yummy. Oh, and there would be some sort ballyhoo involved.
Yes, I'd be THAT kind of bedbug.

Reine Fiske said...

Just talked to "P,B & J" manager Per who said the tour was over... Well, cheers! I´ll try and get in touch of you guys somehow. Would be nice to finally catch up with you here in Sweden soon. All the best, Reine

Anonymous said...

What was the title of that book on the Celts that you were reading?

Alasdair said...

hey anonymous, it was called 'Ravens and Black Rain - the story of highland second sight' by Elizabeth Sutherland, and I can't in all honesty recommend it. it's a load of rubbish mostly; i think i bought it on a childhood trip to the house of the 'brahan seer', the northern scottish version of nostradamus. An avalanche in my bookshelves revealed it to me just before going on tour with PB&J and I was reading it for a while then.

Anonymous said...

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