Tuesday, May 22, 2007

good morning campers

I am in Phoenix Arizona, or at least I think I am, i may be in Tempe, or half way to San Diego. I haven't had much time on the internet in the past three weeks, and i have generally been lacking mental clarity.

Last night we played to a wonderful all-ages crowd in an art gallery. I wish we could do more of these sort of shows, we used to all the time before we became internationally renowned celebrities. Tomorrow we are taping a show in Santa Monica for Yahoo Music just after 50 cent (or 50 pennies as he's known in England). People from LA should come early to the Knitting Factory show on the 24th for two reasons 1. i will be at the merch stand to share anecdotes of my new friendship with 50 cents(s) and 2. you should not on any account miss the opening band, Pipas, who you will love.

and now, avanti!
to san diego and don't spare the horses!


BW said...

The show was great. Can anyone tell me who the first band were to play last night at Modified Arts? They were great, but I can't recall their name. Thanks.

Rosemary said...

I will see you tonight in San Diego. Woo hoo.



Ray said...

Thank you for coming to Phoenix last night. My fiancee and I were dazzled by your set. We were right in front of James for your entire set. We would have loved to stick around and chatted for a sec, but unfortuantely we had to rescue the babysitter from out 16 month old son. Cheers, and we hope to see you again. I've been coverted into fandom of your talents.

Anonymous said...

Wow! I was just looking at your tour dates and I've VERY happy to see that you'll be playing in Seattle soon. I'm looking forward to Monday's show. Happy playing from a fan in Seattle!

gail said...

where is james's blog?
-chief o'hara from london

fran_pi_ said...

Good Morning guys!!!

I've wrote a little review of your last album "God Save The Clientele". I hope you can appreciate it here:


Thank you for yor amazing music from an italian fans....

bye and good luck


Shawn said...

Looking forward to another show at the 400 bar in Minneapolis. Another great album and cover art (coming from a visual artist)


David said...

Hello Clientele,
I'm sad that your album isn't available in the UK til Sept. So sad that I ordered the import ;-)

I find it utterly utterly mystifying that you are not giants in your native land. The landscape of your lyrics, your sound, the every hair on your head sings to me of England. I wonder if you find it a bit discouraging. I know of so many folk I've introduced to your music and we're all passionate about you, so why isn't reflected in wider society I just don't know.

Do you think the very English (and Scottish, sorry Mel)-ness of you is what attracts Americans to your sound? Or are they just more tuned in and less in the thrall of the frikking NME?

Anyway, I've no idea if you read these comments, but I'd love to know what any of you thought about this rather strange dichotomy in a blog if you ever had 5 minutes.

Needless to say Leeds would welcome you with open arms if you ever passed our way.

Good luck with the tour. Sounds like you're having fun x

benjamin said...

Rubber maggots with your sandwich?

Hope you got your bellies full...


pale benjamin, boy in black