Monday, April 09, 2007

wh- what is that.... THAT ABOMINATION?

Getting your parents to buy you 'Look and Learn' was easy; wheedling cash out of them for the horror comic named 'Scream' was another matter altogether. 'Edited' by a sinister, cloaked figure named Ghastly McNasty, Scream only ran for 15 issues (from March to June 1984), but it had unusually beautiful artwork and the occasional very atmospheric storyline such as The Drowning Pond, one of many favourites from the series known as "The Library of Death". And not to forget the Dracula Files, wherein the evil Count is hunted by his obsessed, grimly indefatigable fellow-countryman, Colonel Stakis, 'a former secret policeman who had defected to the West in order to continue his hunt for the Vampire'. Sounds like a man with a bit of a past I'd say.


Anonymous said...

so how *did* you wheedle the cash from your parents for the aforementioned horror comic??!


Anonymous said...

Lol. That sounds like a quote from the book "A Confederacy of Dunces."