Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Atlanta and Nashville

The Atlanta and Nashville shows are very soulful affairs, in small venues to good, enthusiastic crowds. Annie in particular is wonderful in Atlanta. In Nashville, Willy and Kurt take us for Mexican dinner and BBQ for lunch the next day (a list of restaurants considered and rejected were 'Pig and Pie' and 'Judge Roy Bean') It's a pleasure to see them again, and Willy even sits in with us for every song we play in the key of B (the reason for the particular choice of key is never made clear). At this point playing for longer than 50 minutes feels like an endurance test, a long distance run, with all the elements of pain and euphoria this suggests! Or maybe it was the incredibly spicy 'hot chicken' that Chris Deaner supplied us with before the show.

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Mike said...

Seems funny to comment on such an old post, but I'm glad you enjoyed Nashville. Wish I had known of your music when you visited! If you play again, I'll be sure to make it.

Best wishes,
Mike Hester