Saturday, December 31, 2005

As always we get lost and find Mass Ave. by accident, this time because we are looking for a guitar shop in a different part of town. This is the first city on the American tour I'm familiar with, and as we drive over the Charles river to Cambridge I'm almost nostalgic. The air is cool, but the snow hasn't reached this far yet. Walgreens for a phone card, Mary Chungs for dinner. I feel almost relaxed. The whole of the North East is in bloom with gorgeous crimson leaves. And the show, disastrously, is empty. No one knows why.


youn said...

I drove to Boston to see Pants Yell! and drove all the way back because I couldn't manage to get off the highway at the right place, although I drove past downtown where I had reserved a room at a hostel. It's weird driving on long stretches of highway in the US -- the 5 between Los Angeles and San Francisco, or parts of my route to Boston that time, especially the depressing billboards about things people do to relieve their boredom, things they drive miles and miles to do but can only be supported, tolerated in isolation, by desertion. Alone!

sarah g. said...

ah, i remember that show fondly. i was without a ticket and you kindly put me on the list. very gracious of you.

HA HA HA said...

I was living in Boston in 2005 and had never heard of The Clientele. It's late afternoon here in Maine. Bored at work, reading back through your blog and thinking of 2005ness and all the intervening disasters, wrong turns, etc. Mine, not yours.

"Lunar Days" is a gem. Looking forward to catching you guys in Cambridge (ours) in the fall, unless the monster comes early.